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Transformative Breathwork, Card Reading & Spiritual Ceremonies

My name's Khouloud, and I have been on a long self-healing journey whether it is related to emotional trauma or physical body dis-ease. I am a breathwork teacher, certified in different techniques: Traditional practices like Pranayama and transcendental practices like PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®.

My mission is to help people connect with who they are, remember their stories, and re-connect to their full potential… No matter where you are on your journey, this is a great place to be!

Nostril breathing

My offerings are mainly centred around:

Breathwork, and this is because I believe no matter what you want to achieve, no matter where you want to go… it all starts with the breath. The breath is the bridge to your consciousness, is the remote control to your brain and nervous system. This has a therapeutic effect on the body, mind and soul. 


Power of the mind, and this is because life doesn’t happen to us, life happens for us and it is important to learn how to ride the waves of life in order to create your own reality. No matter what you are trying to create or heal, your transformation starts with you.


Intuition and Spirituality, and this is because I believe that the future is ancient. What does that mean? In order, for this humanity to survive and thrive we need to connect with some ancient practices that hold the codes of sovereignty and divinity. Everyone can tap into their intuition and activate their own compass to empower themselves. There is a channel of divine communication in each one of us, that once it is activated, you won't feel alone again.


Sensitivity and Sensory Processing, and this is because 20% of the World Wide Population carries the sensitivity genes related to the HSP trait, which makes them process life differently. They are forcing themselves to act and think as someone who they are not. If the person understands their sensitivity, their needs and how their nervous system works, then they can transform their sensitivity into a superpower. I am HSP and HSS with one of the rarest and highest scores on the planet ( according to my doctor, there is less 1.5% of the World wide population with this combination). No matter how difficult it is to manage your emotions and the sensory overload, I can help you sharing my techniques and what I learned on the way.

Breathwork Workshop for Corporate

I am a space holder for breathwork and other ceremonial work. I do private and group settings. I offer live and virtual sessions. I work with spiritual people and non-spiritual people, I work with Wellbeing centres, Corporate, Music Festivals, Patients, all type of ages, backgrounds, all levels of breathwork. No matter where you are on your journey, I advise you to reach out. There is always an opportunity to bloom!

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Here’s what people are saying

In December 2021, Khouloud delivered a session of breathwork at Development Day. When I heard the amazing feedback from the session, I thought this would be a great to run in Learning at Work Week in May.

Khouloud agreed to run the Breathwork session on the Friday on this week. The session was nothing short of amazing, with everyone fully immersed in both the atmosphere and experience which went hand in hand.
At the end of the 60 minutes, Khouloud was met with feedback of ‘When can we do this again’ & ‘Can we do this every Friday’. 

This just shows how powerful the session is when Khouloud delivers it. It was one of my favourite sessions throughout the week and would definitely recommend it anyone. Fantastic!

Thank you for taking the time to share your talent with us!

M.V. - London, Learning & Development Advisor

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Khouloud Atigue

London | Barcelona | Tunis | Paris

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